FROG Fleece Pants, Women
FROG Fleece Pants, Women

FROG Fleece Pants, Women

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Frog (Mushrooms) True Army Green Eco-Fleece Pants a.k.a. Sweatpants (Women), Matt Crabe

Wooden Wall Project artist Matthew Crabe created four FROG designs for Fun House inspired by the characters from his "Frog Days Afternoon" on the Sunset Pavilion at the north end of the Asbury Park boardwalk.

Printed with the artist’s approval. 10% per cent of sales goes directly to the artist & 10% per cent of sales goes to the Wooden Walls Project.

Ladies' slim fit. 50% polyester (6.25% recycled), 46% cotton (6.25% organic), 4% rayon. 6.5oz


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