Monumento Brooch MES13B, Ettore Sottsass
Monumento Brooch MES13B, Ettore Sottsass
Acme Studio, Inc.

Monumento Brooch MES13B, Ettore Sottsass

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After the success of the Melrose Emblematic Collection, Peter Shire introduced ACME to Ettore Sottsass who, along with Barbara Radice invited ACME to Milan to meet all of the designers that were involved with Memphis. This led to our second collection which Sottsass named “MEMPHIS DESIGNERS for ACME.”

This resulted in a collection of over 100 designs which revolutionized jewelry design in the 1980s. Many of these designs ended up in the permanent collections of several museums, and the entire collection was accepted in the permanent collection of the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands.

Please note: These were all hand made in the 1980s using the intricate cloisonné process. Any imperfections within the colors are to be expected and inherent to the process which makes each piece unique and special.

Part of the permanent collection of The Brooklyn Museum of Art.

Current prices are determined by scarcity and the remaining quantity of each design. Prices will continue to increase as less remain. With some designs with very few remaining, as one sells, the price may increase as much as double, or more, for the remaining pieces.

  • Handmade cloisonné with silver plate
  • 1 1/8" x  1 1/2"h
  • Comes in a flannel pouch