Rico channels Pau

Rico channels Pau. Calma. Rico, our rescue standard poodle, oversees customer service at the Fun House Cookman Ave location. As a rescue dog he is an eager greeter and he enjoys interactions each day with people. Definitely stop by our downtown shop for a high five. Don't be startled when he stands on his hind legs which puts him taller than many of the children who say hello.

Rico definitely loves visiting the boardwalk, checking in with employees at the shop in the Grand Arcade, Convention Hall, and chasing his ball on the Dog Beach at the far north end of the Asbury Park Boardwalk. Once he has his ball he might not interact much with the other dogs. Let's just say he gets a little obsessed.

This mural is artist Pau Quintanajornet's third project on the Asbury Park Boardwalk and one of Rico's favorites. "Under the Strawberry Moon" is a more modern take on her more figurative mural work, her hugely popular Pacha Mamma mural on the historic Carousel House is more representative of her dreamy folk art style and characters. Think One Hundred Years of Solitude meets the canvas, or in this case plywood.

The Wooden Walls Project is a non profit arts organization, spearheaded by local Jenn Hampton of Parlor Gallery, who curates the mural project. Fun House collaborates with Wooden Walls and many of the mural artists on merchandise for the store, great original clothing, tote bags, beach towels, clock, etc. 10% of sales of all mural merchandise goes directly to the mural artist and another 10% goes to the Wooden Walls Project. Fun House loves the Arts and loves these collaborations.

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