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Wooden Walls Artists

Dee Dee

“Under an Asbury Spell” Sunset Pavilion, Wooden Walls Project, 2017

Dee Dee uses collage, paint and silkscreen to her art and street art. “In my head, every day is Halloween. My art is the mask I hide behind. The Day Is My Enemy (gallery exhibit) shows how I prefer to live at night. The night is also my mask and hides me as I do what I do.” DeeDee is based in New York City.

Instagram: @deedeewashere

Dylan Egon

“Boombox Saint” Sunset Pavilion, Wooden Walls Project, 2017

Dylan Egon works in detailed collage pieces, assemblage and sculpture with references to pop culture and iconography. His work pits commercialism against artistic integrity. Benjamin Genocchio ( referred to Dylan Egon's work as “sites of cultural compression, fetishization and wonder.” Dylan Egon is based in Jersey City.
Instagram: @dylanegon

Jeffrey Fulvimari

“Ode to the Ocean” Sunset Pavilion, Wooden Walls Project, 2018

Jeffrey Fulvimari began his illustration career in 1993. He has worked on commissions for Barney’s New York and contributed to Interview magazine. His illustrations have been animated and broadcast on Nickelodeon, MTV and VH1, The Food Network, and numerous commercials in Japan. Jeffrey Fulvimari recently collaborated with Madonna, illustrating her successful 13 volume children’s book set The English Roses. Jeffrey Fulvimari is based in New York City.
Instagram: @jeffreyfulvimari


“New Coat of Paint (Tom Waits)” Carousel House, Wooden Walls Project, 2015

Hellbent works with stencils, decorative motifs, and pattern. His vibrant, colorful street art has grown in scale to wrap entire buildings. He has been featured in the NY Times, Architectural Digest, Vogue, and Juxtpoz. Hellbent is based in Brooklyn.
Instagram: @hellbent_

Logan Hicks

“Tangle of the Sea” Carousel House, Wooden Walls Project, 2015

Logan Hicks began work as a screen printer in the 1990s and continued to work with multi-layer stencils with an average of six different layers. Logan Hicks’s larger than life mural “Story of My Life” painted in 2016 at Houston Street and Bowery, New York City, measures 70’x20’ and is made of over 1,050 stencils. Logan has been featured in the NY Times, Forbes, Juxtapoz and BBC News. Logan Hicks resides in Brooklyn. (
Instagram: @loganhicksny

Bradley Hoffer

“Self Portrait #8 (CroboRab8)” Sunset Pavilion, Wooden Walls Project, 2016

Bradley Hoffer is multidisciplinary artist who works with a distinct line in both bold and muted palettes. His work is playful, often whimsical. His large-scale birds mural in the Casino Building on the south end of the Asbury Park boardwalk was destroyed during Hurricane Sandy, 2012. Bradley Hoffer is based in Asbury Park. (
Instagram: @bradley.hoffer

Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is Holly Suzanne Rader, a classically-trained portrait painter whose art has evolved to mixed media, creating collage portraits using photo transfer techniques, acrylic, spray pain, and cut crystal embellishments. Her murals of Blondie, Joan Jett, and Fred Schneider of the B-52s, were featured on the Asbury Park beach during the Sea Hear Now Festival in 2018 and again in 2019. She has exhibited throughout the States and the World, and thanks to her introduction by the Wooden Walls Project we are proud to be working with Holly to create original designs for Cultivart.

Instagram: @hollywould_studios


“Love is Paradise” Carousel House, Wooden Walls Project, 2015

Indie184 has been active in the graffiti culture for over 15 years. Influenced by abstract expressionism and pop art Indie184 fuses color and textures to her own graffiti and street art, juxtaposed with personal messages.

The artist returned to Asbury Park to rework “Love is Paradise” after the mural was vandalized. Indie184 is based in New York.

Instagram: @indie184

Joe Iurato

“Carnival Life on the Water” Casino Building, Wooden Walls Project, 2015

Joe Iurato is a multidisciplinary artist who works with multi-layered stencils and aerosol. Joe Iurato’s simple photorealistic, using multi-layer stencils, is distinctly clean and illustrative. His newer site-specific installations create windows into a narrative formed by personal experiences with potential for interaction and storytelling. The artist has been featured in the NY Times, Justapoz and Fubiz. Jose Iurato is based in New Jersey.

Instagram: @joeiurato

Michela Martello

“Dakini” Sunset Pavilion Wooden Walls Project, 2016

Michela Martello is a multidisciplinary artist who employs symbolism, bringing traditional and contemporary influences to her work. Working in ceramic sculptures, paper murals or large-scale murals, she projects “an unabashedly feminine (and feminist) dimensional realism.” (Front Runner Magazine)

In addition to her “Dakini” mural Michela Martello participated in TEDxAsbury 2018. She created her freestanding mural “Colorful Supremacy” in the Grand Arcade and invited the public to interact with the mural with markers inspired by the question “What does it mean to live in America today?” Michela Martello is based in Brooklyn.
Instagram: @michelamartello

Pau Quintanajornet

“Pachamama is Singing a Song for You” Sunset Pavilion Wooden Walls Project, 2015

Pau is truly a global artist with murals in Egypt, Tunisia, Spain, France, Holland, Germany, the United States, Ecuador, Peru… Inspired by the writer Pablo Neruda, “murals are the books of the people,” Pau founded Project Wallflowers to bring colorful art to community projects and become a link for dialog. Born in Chile, raised in East Germany, Pau is based in Germany.

Instagram: @theartofpau


“Ruthie and Andre” Sunset Pavilion Wooden Walls Project 2017

Porkchop is a multi-disciplinary artist who combines paint, illustration, and text. “Most inspiration for my work comes from retro photography of women. After the selection of the image, I then incorporate additional images and text to create the story. From piece to piece the story changes, but the female figure is often the main character.” Porkchop is based in Asbury Park and has painted dozens of murals through the town.

Instagram: @porktomic

Bunnie Reiss

The art of Bunnie Reiss is influenced by her Russian/Polish background with its tradition of folk art, bright colors, and community engagement. Born in Maryland, Bunnie moved westward to Colorado in her teens, then to San Francisco for her MFA. She has shown her work throughout the States and the World and now calls Los Angeles home. Bunnie’s Mer-Cat mural on the Sunset Pavilion was painted at the end of summer, 2019.

Instagram: @bunnieluvrocks

Mike Shine

“Havhest” Sunset Pavilion, Wooden Walls Project, 2016

Mike Shine’s murals, paintings and installations often draw from his mythical creation Dr. Flotsam, a centuries-old Eastern European carnival ringleader. Mike Shine has been featured in the SF Chronicle and Juxtapoz. Mike Shine is based in the Bay Area, CA.

Instagram: @shinanov

Jason Stumpf

The quiet, elusive Jason Stumpf is a carpenter by trade with an eye for detail and beauty which translates into his photography. Fortunately for us Jason shot the interior of the Asbury Casino Building in 2015, his monumental image capturing the Casino Building before it sustained further storm damage and the monumental Porkchop mural was covered with plywood.

Instagram: @jlstumpf

Thiago Valdi

“Untitled” Sunset Pavilion, Wooden Walls Project, 2016

Thiago Valdi (known as Valdi-Valdi in the urban art scene) is originally from Florianópolis, Brazil. Using spraying techniques derived from graffiti and street art, the artist creates works in great proportions and with technical and aesthetic detail inspired by the ocean and feminine figure. Thiago Valdi is a global artist with murals in New York, Barcelona, Milano, Mumbai, New Jersey, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo… “Freedom is colorful.” Thiago Valdi resides in Brazil.

Instagram: @thiagovaldi

James Vance

“1871” Sunset Pavilion Wooden Walls Project, 2016

James Vance works in a variety of mediums. His paintings, drawings, and sculpture have been exhibited in New York, Miami, and Asbury Park, and featured in Visionaire and other international publications. James has designed theater sets, large-scale set pieces, and exhibitions for fashion and art events, most recently for The Whitney Museum of American Art. He is also known for his dramatically scaled prop and mural work which has appeared in the windows of Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman and other stores worldwide. James Vance resides in Asbury Park.

Instagram: @jamesvancestudio

Fun House Artists

Mike Woods

Mike Woods is a multi-disciplinary artist who works in paint, collage, photo manipulation, and line drawing He is responsible for the Architectural Series of silkscreened apparel at Fun House, beginning with the Grand Arcade t-shirt which was an immediate success. He has captured the Carousel building, the Empress Hotel, the Howard Johnson’s building, and Convention Hall. Mike Woods resides in Asbury Park.

Instagram: @artgarrbage


Nami Farrell is a New Jersey native and recent graduate of the School of Visual Arts, NY. Her work reflects a passion for detail and pattern.

Instagram: @namifarrellart

Lewis Bloom

Photographer Lewis Bloom was a longtime resident of Asbury Park before the city’s “comeback.” We are lucky that he was able to capture such loving images of Asbury Park at a time well before its currently popularity and redevelopment. Lewis Bloom resides in Los Angeles.