Asbury Park
Fun House

AP Boardwalk Shop of Fun

About Fun House

We opened Fun House in Convention Hall on the Asbury Park boardwalk in the summer of 2010, before Hurricane Sandy, before Asbury’s big Come Back. The concept was Fun through the eye of Design with equal parts quirky and Japanese “kawaii.”

In the 1970s the Asbury Park souvenir market had disappeared but after two summers on the boardwalk we could no longer ignore visitors’ requests. Tillie, Tillie, Tillie. Oh yeah, and Greetings From Asbury Park.

Summer 2013 Fun House introduced two t-shirt designs - Tillie and Greetings From Asbury Park - in two colors. Gene comes from a printing background and Scott had years of experience in fashion so it was a natural fit. Designs by us, printed in-house on quality shirts. T-shirts you buy on vacation but actually want to wear… we think of them as Asbury Souvenirs for Locals.

We then commissioned Porkchop, already a well-known Asbury Park artist, to draw a new, original design based on ceramic work in Convention Hall. After Two Fish we reached out to artists James Vance with his repetitive numbers and our own Mike Woods with a new architecture series… which was a natural segue to establish Wooden Walls Artists.

Tillie & Co.

Before the Tillie beach towels, totes, and tees there was the Tillie pillow, in production since 2010. An immediate hit, we launched our Greetings From Asbury Park Pillows (the back is printed like a postcard) using images from Asbury Park now. Our pillow are digitally printed here in Asbury Park and sewn in Ortley Beach to give you a truly Jersey Shore souvenir.

Medusa & the Carousel

The green bronze patina of Medusa on the Carousel Building has been incorporated into the Fun House palette from the Carousel Sweatshirt to the Greetings From Asbury Park Tee. The architectural line drawing series is a reminder tp us of our origin story, where we came from and where we want to go. Definitely souvenirs for locals.

Solar Power

Greetings From Asbury Park from our solar family to yours. The Queen, her Corgis, Einstein, Napoleon, and the Pope. Just a few of the characters that can accompany your dish washing or studies. And, yes, they work.



Tokidoki means “sometimes”… Italian artist Simone Legno always channels his inner kawaii spirit to bring us a world populated by Unicorns, Mermicornos, and Cactus Friends. The artistry and attention to detail spawn awe and adoration.