Street Art Poetry

Street artist Faust calligraphy adorns the now-shuttered Sunshine Cinema on the Lower East Side, NYC.

Street art poetry by Faust

Street art connects us, the viewer, the passer-by, to a bigger picture. We pause in our hustle and reflect. A store shuttered, a business closed, construction. The tagged streetscape enlivens our day, connects us to an artist and that artist's commentary. More than plywood , more than boarding up a vacant store front. Big cities like NYC generated much of the original pioneering street artist, many now known worldwide.

Faust's "Sunset" urban calligraphy mural is a clever commentary on the Sunshine Cinema which sadly closed its doors. A bright light has set, but Faust has brought a beauty to the shuttering exposing the architecture through text.

Street art has now spread to smaller towns like Asbury Park. The Wooden Walls Project curates the murals throughout our little City but mostly along the Boardwalk to the joy of all who live here and visit. At present there are no Urban Calligraphy murals but maybe in time.

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