The Girl with the Dragon

The Girl with the Dragon statuette prototype by Tokidoki (i.e. Unicorno) creator Simone Legno.

Artist Simone Legno's passion for Japan and the Far East lead to founding Tokidoki. Tokidoki, translates to “sometimes” in Japanese, is an internationally recognized and iconic lifestyle brand of Simone's kawaii (cute in Japanese) vinyl designs and creations. Simone is Italian but his fascination with Japan has driven his art which in turn inspires the world.

Working in the blind box toy tradition, Tokidoki creates worlds of unicorns, or mermicorns (mermaids x unicorns), children and their pets covered in spiky, protective clothing. Children mostly understand the term blind box, but often their parents are hesitant, skeptical, not comprehending the concept of buying something that you don't know exactly what it is.

What is it? Blind box means you do not know which specific character you will get before opening the box. You will get a character in the series, often with a display box picturing the selection, but this is random. Many parents worry about their child not liking what they get but in general the experience is easier, is more fun for the child. The anticipation of opening a blind box is akin to Christmas Day.

Fun House sells hundreds of the iconic Tokidoki characters each year, series like Unicorno, Mermicorno, Cactus Pup, and Donutella. If you're not familiar with tokidoki or blind boxes then you have a wonderful discovery ahead.

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