GIFT SET Lexon x Basquiat "IN ITALIAN"
GIFT SET Lexon x Basquiat "IN ITALIAN"
GIFT SET Lexon x Basquiat "IN ITALIAN"

GIFT SET Lexon x Basquiat "IN ITALIAN"

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To this day, “In Italian” (1983) defies categorization, embodying Jean-Michel Basquiat’s insatiable curiosity about Italy and its Renaissance heritage. Collecting an array of symbols and words that recur in his other notable works, this painting remains an enigmatic masterpiece. It weaves together intricate themes, encompassing culture, religion, and human connections, while presenting a portrait of Stephen Torton, Basquiat’s friend and assistant. Through this composition, Basquiat ventures into a contemplation of complex ideas, synthesizing his multifaceted artistic vision to convey a compelling narrative beyond conventional classifications.

© Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Licensed by Artestar, New York.

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