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'Strawberry Moon' Beach Towel, Pau

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'Strawberry Moon' 30"x60" Beach Towel, Pau Quintanajornet

Pau's second mural for the Wooden Walls Project on the Sunset Pavilion. Painted in June, 2018 during the Strawberry Moon, named after the period when wild strawberries begin to ripen, 'Strawberry Moon' is a slight departure from Pau's figurative work while retaining the palette and sensuous line. I especially love 'Calma' which looks out over the boardwalk and beach

Series 2 Wooden Walls Towel Project is not limited edition and retails for $40. Printed with the artist's approval. 10% of sales goes directly to the artist & 10% to the Wooden Walls Project, Asbury Park's mural non-profit.

  • 100% cotton.
  • Machine wash cold with like colors.
  • Do NOT bleach.
  • Tumble dry medium heat.

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