Untitled 1981 Bag, Basquiat
Untitled 1981 Bag, Basquiat

Untitled 1981 Bag, Basquiat

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Jean-Michel Basquiat was a significant figure in graffiti's transition from a clandestine street activity to a mainstream art form, and his paintings are known for their raw, gestural style, graffiti-like motifs, and scrawled text. The work featured on this bag, Untitled (1981), is one of Basquiat's most important artworks, which can be viewed in The Broad's 3rd floor galleries. Designed by our friends at LOQI, each tote has an open top, double shoulder straps, and a coordinating mini zip pouch.

100% recycled taffeta
Can carry up to 44 lbs.
16.5” H x 19.7" W