Ode Muscle Tee, Women
Ode Muscle Tee, Women
Wooden Walls Artists

Ode Muscle Tee, Women

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"Ode to the Ocean" Heather Stone Rolled Cuff Muscle T-Shirt, Women

The summer of 2018 Jeffrey Fulvimari introduced us to his cast of beautiful, powerful women with his 'Ode to the Ocean' mural on the Sunset Pavilion for the Wooden Walls Project. Jeffrey reminds us 'The Ocean is Female,' 'The Ocean is Alive,' 'The Ocean is Powerful,' 'The Ocean is Free.'

Printed with the artist's approval. 10% of sales goes directly to the artist and 10% goes to the Wooden Walls Project.

65% polyester, 35% viscose. 3.7 oz,

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